SocialFolders Teams Up with Evernote to bring you “Social Memory”

We love Evernote. The service pioneered the way we remember everything, regardless of where we are, what device we’re using or what it is we want to remember. Today, we are understandably excited to announce our integration with Evernote to bring you what we call a “social memory” service.

We all have our social streams—a steady and ephemeral stream of information and data from our social networks. Some of it is very valuable, some of it less. Evernote is perfect to archive the most valuable parts of this stream.

With the new integration, Evernote users can easily add any content from a number of channels—including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram and Picasa—to their Evernote account. The integration also includes Google Docs and Box for bringing file collaboration together with memory organization. This makes it easier than ever to use Evernote as your central memory service.

To get going, simply add Evernote as a new channel in your SocialFolders hub. (If you don’t have SocialFolders already, grab it here). You’ll then be able to add any set of files or albums from your favorite social sites to Evernote. For example, the group trip you just took to Europe. Find trip pics from your Facebook friends, drag-and-drop from Facebook to Evernote in SocialFolders, and the photos will be added to your trip’s notebook instantly.

We Folderistas hope you’ll love, and use, this integration as much as we do. As always, we value your feedback and would like to hear it straight from you, so feel free to email us at or ping either @socialfolders or @martinpannier.

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