SocialFolders vs. Google Drive: the Face-off

After (literally) years of speculation, Google Drive is finally out, and it’s great. It holds great promise to people around the world to better share, backup to the cloud and collaborate on documents, as it is backed by the Google Docs sharing infrastructure and Gmail—and there are 250 million Gmail accounts.

So… what about SocialFolders? Google Drive is bad news for SocialFolders, right? Well, not quite. Believe it or not, SocialFolders still has a few advantages over Google Drive, starting with…

SocialFolders Supports Google Drive

Google Drive is an enhancement over Google Docs, and their desktop application integrates with the service. But so does SocialFolders !

It’s a tie.

SocialFolders Supports Offline Editing & Backing Up

Did you know that Google Drive did not actually download the contents of your Google documents? Instead, it downloads a link which will open your browser and then load the documents in your browser.

It stays possible to view the documents offline—IF you install a Chrome extension and cache the documents beforehand with Google Chrome. It’s a lot of hoops to jump through, though.

What if you counted on Google Drive to backup your documents?

Offline editing and backing up? +1 for SocialFolders!

SocialFolders Allow You to Use Microsoft Office

And what if you wanted to edit the documents in another “app” than their web-based editor? Then you’re stuck… SocialFolders not only backups the contents of your documents to your computer but also converts your Google Documents to their Microsoft Office equivalents, a wildly popular (and compatible!) format. So that you can choose which application you want to use to edit your files.

SocialFolders Supports Multiple Services

SocialFolders is not all about Google Docs… But also about Evernote, Box, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud and many other services! As far as we know, Google Drive is the new Google Docs.

Multiple service support? +1 for SocialFolders!

SocialFolders Allows You To Easily Import and Export To and From Other Services

Finally, what if you have a file in your Evernote or Box account for example? With SocialFolders, it would be very easy to transfer it to your Google Drive space.

What makes SocialFolders different is its cross-cloud approach. By supporting multiple services, it has a different approach and utility than service-specific applications. So actually, it’s not necessarily about choosing between SocialFolders and Google Drive. Nothing stops you from using both!

As always, we value your feedback and would like to hear it straight from you, so feel free to email us at or ping either on Twitter @socialfolders or on Facebook!

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